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Pic1Thirty years of strong business, technical, and administrative experience in public and private sectors, including nonprofit organizations.

Robust ability in strategic planning, business planning, organizational advancement, and training of change agents within organizations.


Complete understanding of legislative budget process, administrative organizations, and state government.

Experienced in training more than 10,000 staff & administrators in the field of business planning, mapping business processes, benchmarking, success measurement, and project management across the nation.

Strong ability in organizational advancement via leadership and staff development, strategic planning and management, performance audit, and valuation.

We managed to effectively coach and maximize our employees’ strengths to achieve better communication and therefore increase productivity within our organization.

Sudi Shoja, City of Vista - Assistant Director of Engineering/Public Works

What makes AIHER different from others?

AIHER is a unique resource center which provides services both to public and private sectors on:

Management Consulting
Organizational Advancement
Academic & Career Planning for Individuals
Staff Development and Leadership Training

Do you provide one-on-one counseling sessions for your clients?

Yes. We do one-on-one academic planning, career development counseling, and job search techniques.