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Jobs vs. Career


Jobs vs. Career

It’s Monday morning… AGAIN! This is a familiar, frustrating sentiment that is felt amongst employees at the start of each workweek. Have you ever felt tired, depressed, angry and not satisfied when you leave your workplace? How about feeling stuck and seeing no future, while being completely dependent on your paycheck? Well, there IS a solution out there for you! You can easily change this feeling from hate to love if you decide to change your “job” to a “career”.

Jobs differentiate from careers: a job is a day in, day out effort on your part to make money, regardless of degree or your passion. A career builds you a life! It gives you an unforgettable experience. Instead of earnings, it gives you growth.

We face people on a daily basis who are fed up, exhausted and have no passion for what they do.  The only purpose to head to work everyday is for monetary reasons. They have been working hard, and yet feel unappreciated.  We have all heard that you need to find your passion in life, but the question is: how do we find it?

These are questions we tend to ask ourselves often. But let’s STOP complaining or feeling defeated and actually look for a solution!  Let’s practice the motto: “Stop, look, choose, decide and declare that you will own it”. You need to believe that you can learn how to be the captain of your life.

At AIHER, we offer consultations to help YOU find that solution! We discuss opportunities available to you, and will guide you step-by-step through your career planning. Call us today and take advantage of our 30-minute free consultation to help find your personalized path to rebuild your life. It’s time to stop missing opportunities that will give you a chance to love Monday mornings again!